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A Body focused, Mindful approach to online fitness. We provide 1-to-1 Personal Training, Coaching, and Fitness Classes.

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Choose The Bodyful. Choose feeling great.

Online Personal Training

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If you’re looking for the most effective way to get fit and healthy, this is it. Technology has enabled Personal Training to become more convenient and comfortable than ever before. Fitness is now sustainable!

Online Personal Training

Online Fitness Classes

personal training product

If you want a premium experience with unmatched value our group classes are for you. A class Instructor will guide and monitor you throughout our 30-minute classes, this ensures you workout safely and effectively.

Online Fitness Classes

Is The Bodyful right for you?

More than just online training

Expert Advice

We only work with the best. They think deeply, and speak simply with clear and concise advice.

Mindful Approach

We practice a kind and loving approach with every client. Understanding your challenges without judgement.

Body Awareness

Feel how your body reacts while exercising. Your coach will mindfully guide you through every movement.

Unique Approach

A technology business, focusing on human connection that delivers outstanding results.

How It Works

Four Easy Steps

Online Personal Trainer

Choose Your Plan

We offer two fitness plans, both have been tailor-made to provide the best outcome for our customers.

Online Fitness Coach


After purchase you will receive a confirmation email. Confirm your email and gain access to your account.

Online Fitness Class

Booking A Session

Our booking system makes it easy to book an Online Fitness Class or Online Personal Training session.

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Attending Your Session

All services are online. Every group class or Personal Trainer session is delivered through Zoom video calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to add a class or pt time slot to your calendar, you will need to navigate to the relevant timetable and interact with the desired event in the calendar. After you confirm your booking you will receive an email notification.
30 minutes before the session/class begins, you’ll receive a link via email to join. We open the Zoom meeting approximately 5 minutes beforehand to welcome everyone onto the Zoom call.
All your booked classes can be managed from your personal schedule, to cancel a class, navigate to your schedule in my settings and interact with the event. Once cancelled you will receive a cancelled event confirmation email.

Please note:
If you cancel an event before joining the Zoom call the cancelled event does not count towards your weekly class limit.
We never like seeing a client leave, however, should you wish to cancel your membership, just go to ‘My Account’ select membership, and you can cancel your membership at any time – no strings attached.

You’ll still be able to access classes until the end of your billing cycle.
Our Online Classes are currently optimised for Zoom meetings which work best on desktop/laptop devices. You can also use Zoom on a smartphone or iPad.

You need a high quality webcam/camera so that your instructor can clearly see you throughout a session or class.
We’re all streaming from different locations and sometimes our Wi-Fi connection isn’t strong enough.

If you run into issues, try these fixes:
  • Lower video quality
  • Close unused browser tabs
  • limit the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi
You’ll receive an email 30 minutes before the class starts with your link to join. If you miss the email, navigate to your personal schedule and interact with the calendar event. The event will be updated to include the zoom link.

If all else fails you can email us at: to receive a link directly.
The online class (Zoom meeting) will open 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. The instructor will ensure everyone is connected and that they can clearly see you through your webcam. Also, your instructor will want to say ‘hi’ to old and new faces, they’ll make sure you’re comfortable and ready to go.

As you enter the online class your microphone will be automatically muted, and your camera will be off. To participate in the class you’ll need to turn on your camera and set up your device so that your instructor can see you.

Please check that your volume is high enough, so you can easily hear your teacher. Ensure your screen brightness is high, so you can clearly see your device and most importantly please have your device charged up.
Carve yourself a little extra time before the class to create a perfect environment for your class in true Bodyful style, different classes will have different energy.
Burn sage, incense, or essential oils. Dim your lights, add some heat in your room, and why not light your favourite candle too!
Brighten up your room, crack a window for fresh air. Get all your equipment ready so that you can easily transition through different movements.
Workout Space: Our classes are casual so no need to hide the dog or pile of washing in the next room. However, we ask you to ensure you have enough space for a yoga mat and roughly a metre around the mat to make sure you can move safely and freely.

Mobile Phones: We know that it’s hard to switch it off – but your time is precious. We ask that all phones are put on silent throughout Personal Training sessions. You need to focus on the task at hand. If you really need it, please inform your Personal Trainer and I’m sure they’ll accommodate you.

Punctuality: Life throws us curveballs from time to time, and they can sometimes make you late. Rest assured, your teacher will be ready for you when you arrive.

We will not be able to extend your session time as every trainer is working on a schedule. If you know you’ll be late, please email your Personal Trainer, and they will adapt your session to suit whatever time you’ll have remaining.